Authorial project by Tomislav Šoban

60 minutes


Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb


Two actors in the hall will perform an experiment.
Inspired by the lectures of the physicist Richard Feynman.
An experiment is an analytical procedure for studying cause-and-effect relationships.
In the natural sciences, it is a process of controlled observation and measurement of phenomena.
The experiment provides us with answers to why something is happening.
Why does it repeat itself?

An experiment can indicate what is essential and what is irrelevant.
An experiment can shed new light on familiar phenomena.
In the natural sciences, an experiment is successful if it consistently yields the same result.
In dramatic art, an experiment is successful if it never produces the same result.
(For now, we can't reveal more than this.)
The director of this dramatic experiment is Tomislav Šoban, and actors Nina Violić and Livio Badurina are participating in it.


Tomislav Šoban

Co-author and dramaturge

Marin Lisjak

Director and Set Designer

Tomislav Šoban

Costume Designer

Gabrijela Krešić


Miro Manojlović

Lighting Designer

Luka Matić

Stage Movement Associate

Natalija Manojlović

Costume Design Assistant

Suzana Tkalčec, Nina Kovačević (volonteer)

Stage Manager

Suzana Bogdan-Pavek

Played by

Nina Violić, Livio Badurina