The Case of My Own Downfall
Kristian Novak

3 hours and 30 minutes with one intermission

The Case of My Own Downfall

Croatian National Theatre in Varaždin and Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, Rijeka

The Case of My Own Downfall


The Case of My Own Downfall is a novel that could only have been written in Croatia in 2023. It profoundly and precisely dissects the systems of education and police, questioning how many compromises and concessions we can make before finding ourselves on the side of injustice. In the novel, injustice is omnipresent and all-encompassing. It is an unquestionable given, and only the just and modern Antigone, Marli, and Profa fight against it.

Novak's novel is also a grand mosaic, a remarkable fresco of Međimurje in the 21st century. Or, more precisely, of the multiple Međimurjes that coexist side by side. The intention was to create a representation of community, a group of people connected by something more than just living in the same space. The formats of large productions are increasingly disappearing in the onslaught of capitalism. When I saw the ensemble from Varaždin, the ensemble from Rijeka, and the students from the youth drama studio playing The Case of My Own Downfall together on stage, I was happy and proud that I had the opportunity. Thirty people bear witness; there are those of us who see. There are those of us who remember.

Ivan Plazibat


It is a story that starts with a tragic event, an individual gunshot that echoes through its surroundings and fundamentally changes individuals and systems. And immediately, three systems, all three essential and all three dysfunctional. Police, education, family. We follow protagonists who, at any cost, want to do the right thing and fight for truth and justice, even if it means risking their visions of happy lives. I am interested in the protagonist in doubt, a person facing a problem that cannot be solved except by creating a new, perhaps even bigger problem, torn between longing and necessity. I am interested in how they move, act in their environment, and change under increasing pressure.

Kristian Novak


Ivan Plazibat


Ivan Plazibat

Set Design

Liberta Mišan

Costume Design

Petra Pavičić


Hrvoje Nikšić

Light Design

Vesna Kolarec


Luka Ivić

Language Advisor

Ines Carović


Marko Ercegović

Video trailer

Miran Brautović


Natalija Gligora Gagić

Stage Manager

Sanjin Rožić


Dea Presečki


Karlo Mrkša


Marko Cindrić


Ljubomir Kerekeš


Hana Hegedušić


Zdenko Brlek


Robert Španić

Taradi / Lawyer

Ljiljana Bogojević

School director

Helena Minić Matanić


Nikša Eldan


Elizabeta Brodić


Robert Plemić

Sara’s father / Police Officer / Journalist / German

Marinko Leš

Sara’s mother / History

Beti Lučić


Mario Jovev

Sonja / Božena

 Sunčana Zelenika Konjević

Ivo’s Lawyer / Police Officer / Physics

Filip Eldan


Jasmin Mekić


Deni Sanković

Police Officer / Judge / P.E. Teacher

Darko Plovanić


Damir Puja


Jan Rendić