My Sad Monsters
Mate Matišić

2 hours and 30 minutes with one intermission

My Sad Monsters

City Drama Theatre "Gavella", Zagreb

My Sad Monsters

The new dramatic work by Mate Matišić builds upon Ljudi od voska with echoes, techniques, some characters, and toponyms. As in the previous work, the dramatist intriguingly questions the permeability of the boundary between reality and fiction, biography and performance, person and character. At the center of My Sad Monsters, subtitled as a "dramatic diary," Mate is a "dramatist and musician," bringing us material where theatricality and a kind of hyper-eventfulness imaginatively merge with intimacy and documentary elements unafraid to expose an intimate space, quite the contrary. The amalgam into which we are invited to immerse ourselves is written so that it is impossible to discern what is real and imagined; moreover, it is neither possible nor essential. There is also humor, as is Matišić's bold, abundant, and ambiguous habit. Besides being a dramatic reckoning with personal demons, My Sad Monsters, directed by Vita Taufer, is very interested in the social context, collective pain, and injustices, knots we haven't untangled, for a provocation that is not an end in itself, for complex acting engagement, transformative (co)play...


Vito Taufer

Set Design

Lazar Bodroža

Costume Design

Marita Ćopo


Šimun Matišić

Lighting Design

Zdravko Stolnik

Collaborator for Stage Speech 

Ivana Buljan Legati

Dramaturgy Associate

Dubravko Mihanović

Advisor for the Serbian language

Katarina Pejović

Costume Design Assistant

Dora Črnjević

Visual Identity

Ivona Đogić Đurić / Crtaona Studio


Mak Vejzović



Music recorded with: Alan Bošnjak (trombone), Veronika Ćiković (harp), Ema Benko (child's voice)




Stage Manager

Snježana Majdak


Andrea Glad



Živko Anočić


Antonija Stanišić Šperanda

Fabijan, Stipe

Filip Šovagović

Lidija, Slava, Milica

Jelena Miholjević

Ljuban, Milan

Sven Šestak

Ivan, Stanislav

Franjo Dijak


Ivica Pucar

Migrant, Translator

Mada Peršić


Damir Klarić, Jakov Klarić, Bruno Mlinarić, Senko Mlinarić, Emilija Šušković Jakopac